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About Us

Founded in 1983, Stinchcomb Associates, Inc. works as a third party nursery service throughout the midwest, northeast, and central areas of The United States of America. We are a full-service garden merchandising firm that works to keep garden centers full of healthy plants at Home Depot stores nationwide.



Our Services

Stinchcomb Associates provides full-service garden center merchandising for container trees, shrubs, roses, bulbs, and other seasonal items. We set up displays, change items seasonally, and help maximize plant sales.




Our Team

Bri Stinchcomb

Vice President

Oversees the Midwest Division of our third party service program, which consists of in-store merchandising representatives maintaining live goods and helping to maximize sales within big box garden centers. Our focuses are woody ornamentals, roses, flower and fruit bulbs, Christmas trees, and live Holiday décor.

Donna Hribal

Vice President

Has spent more than a decade leading and training first-class service personnel. Also known as “Mama Donna.”

Holly Nichols

Regional Merchandising Manager

Nichols has been with Stinchcomb for about nine years and has spent most of her life researching and caring for plants and trees.

Denise Hackett

Regional Merchandising Manager

She’s been with the company for 7 1/2 years and manages stores in parts of New Jersey and Delaware and the eastern shore of Maryland. 


Rebecca Amato

Regional Merchandising Manager

Amato has been with the company for about six years and works in the Philadelphia Market. In her spare time, she writes original music and plays guitar.

Stephanie Bross

Area Supervisor

Bross has been with the company since March 2014. She enjoys gardening and vegan baking.

James Johnson

Area Supervisor

Johnson has been with the company since November 2013. He likes to cook. His favorite dish to make is stuffed shells.

Kelly Cooney

Area Manager

Cooney has been with the company for about six years and works in the Southern Shoreline stores, including Cape May. She loves animals more than people, especially her two dogs and two cats.

Diane Dorau

Area Manager

She’s been with the company for about four years and works in the Trenton District. She has a bachelor’s in science from Rutgers and loves the latin names of plants.

Roxann Kosaber

Area Manager

Kosaber has been with the company for about two years. She found out about the job from her 18-year-old son, who also worked for Stinchcomb.

Daniel Olson

Area Manager

Olson has been with the company since September 2013 and works in the Delaware Market. He has two cats named Black Bear and Rice-A-Roni.

Donna Shrubsall

Area Manager

Rick Dilworth

Area Manager


Grow With Us

Stinchcomb is now hiring for seasonal positions in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, northern Virginia and Washington, DC, for several long-term District Supervisor and Merchandiser positions, both full-time and part-time.

Interested in working with us? Fill out our online application form here!